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Here you can describe the problems you have been coming up against in marketing and in the growth of your business, as well as your goals and expectations.

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In the form you can find multiple reasons for which you might want to contact us. For easier orientation they are described here:

General interest: If none of the other reasons interests you, pick this option.
Marketing development: If your company is looking for an expert who will be able to identify and advise WHAT you need in your marketing and WHY and will be able to connect all this into an effective system. You will find your focus and find out what makes you unique, what problem you are solving and what your main benefits are.
Online performance analysis: Perhaps what you need are only the analysis, review and study of your online performance or the performance of your competition, and the analysis of the sector in which you operate. If one of our marketing development experts is not enough, you can get an opinion from the entire 4-member professional team.
Marketing and sales plan: If you have plenty of ideas for increasing your sales through marketing but do not know HOW, WHEN and HOW OFTEN to put them into practice.
Marketing solutions for my company: If you do not have the right person for online performances or the solution to increase your impact online, if you do not know HOW to take advantage of digital marketing and digital advertising, you can inquire of our marketing developers about the right marketing solutions for you.
Hire conference speakers: If you would like to hire one of our marketing developers as a speaker for a conference or a workshop with your employees.

FACT d.o.o., marketing development company.

We are a marketing growth and development company, created for today.
We help successful companies to increase sales, which are different, and start and end with the human.



Barjanska cesta 68
1000 Ljubljana

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Mon-Fri: 9:00-18:00
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